is a suite of tools for binary analysis based on QEMU and LLVM, aiming at accuracy and portability of the analyses across a wide range of architectures.

How to try it out

Binary translation

The core tool in is revamb, our static binary translator. revamb can translate a static ARM, MIPS or x86-64 Linux binary to any of the architectures supported by LLVM.

We have been able to translate all the coreutils programs, like ls, sha256sum and so on.

Check out the demo


You can try revng in several different ways: building it from the source, if you feel like contributing, using the binary archive for x86-64 or, if you're really lazy, we also have a Docker image.


Talk is cheap is Free Software, based on Free Software projects, feel free to checkout our code and get in touch if you want to contribute.

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