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At Labs we develop, but we also offer high-profile consultancy in automated binary analysis, emulation, static and dynamic binary translation and compilers.

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Virus scanner

Binary Analysis Automation

We help companies automate large scale analysis of binaries, both using and other tools.
We can also develop customized solutions for new requirements ranging from static analysis to dynamic analysis.


High Performance Emulation

We developed great expertise in high performance emulators employing a just-in-time compiler which can dramatically speedup emulation performance.
Specifically, we have significant experience with both LLVM ORC JIT and the state of the art in high performance emulation, QEMU.



We offer consultancy in many compiler-related fields, with members of our team having performed active work on both LLVM and GCC.
We also have a strong theoretical background that enable us to build robust, correct and effective analyses from scratch.

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