The company, on top of building, also offers consulting in the following areas:

We have a large expertise in terms of emulation, in particular with QEMU, one of the core components of We have developed and are actively maintaining support for a non-trivial CPU in QEMU, namely Qualcomm Hexagon.
Static binary translation
One of the core features of our product,, is static binary translation, i.e., porting a program compiled for a certain architecture (say ARM) to a completely different one (say x86-64). Everything related to static binary translation lies within our area of interest and we are offering our expertise in this field to multiple customers, both employing directly or assisting them with their own custom technologies.
Binary Analysis Automation
Fully automated analysis of binaries is one of the areas where excels. A stable and mature API, wide support for different CPU architectures and the possibility to introduce invasive and non-invasive changes in existing binaries make a must-have technology in this field. Specifically, can be useful in the analysis of firmware updates of IoT/embedded devices.
Our team feature multi-year experience in compiler theory, development of scalable analysis (both on source code and on binaries), and can offer expertise on two of the main compilers for C/C++: LLVM/Clang and GCC.

For any further question, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at .

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