is the decompiler built on top of It provides high-quality, recompilable C code., which will be released as a commercial product, also features an interactive UI. Register to our newsletter to participate to the closed beta.

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Decompile to C can emit C code equivalent to the funcitons in the input program that is both accurate and intelligible.
No gotos
Our output does not contain goto statements, full stop.
The code recovered by is recompilable straightaway.

The User Interface

The user interface enables interaction with the decompiled C code, the control-flow graph, the assembly stream and the internal LLVM representation of the code.
The UI, written in Qt, will work on Windows, Linux and macOS out of the box.
Our user interface is based on QtCreator, a very solid and mature IDE for Qt development. This choice allows us to focus our development effort on bringing in new killer features, instead of working on splitting views.

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