This page provides an overview of all the open-source projects that we maintain.

A meta-repository that takes care of building or installing binary packages for all the dependencies of all the projects. This is your starting point for development.
The core project of It contains the lifter, the binary translator and all the core analyses. Do not build revng/revng by hand, use orchestra.
A Python wrapper for LLVM. It's main feature is that, since it automatically generated the API, it's compatible with all the LLVM versions and, unlike llvmlite, it doesn't keep a representation of the IR using Python data structures, which makes it suitable for handling gigantic LLVM modules such as those produced by
An experimental project that offers an XML view over the LLVM IR so that it can be queried using XPath, without ever materializing an XML tree in memory: the queries are performed on LLVM data structures directly. StarPath, a pugixml fork, can be generalized to query any in-memory C++ data structure.
Our QEMU fork, exposing the QEMU intermediate representation (tiny code) as a library.
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