Publications and presentations

AsiaCCS 2020
A Comb for Decompiled C Code (paper and slides, artifacts)
NDC TechTown 2020
Coroutines are Qt: safer thread pools interactions (slides and video)
BAR 2019
Performance, Correctness, Exceptions: Pick Three (paper, artifacts and slides)
ICCST 2018 A Multi-Architecture Framework for Reverse Engineering and Vulnerability Discovery (paper and slides)
LLVM social Italy 2017 An overview and an outlook to the future (slides)
CC 2017 A Unified Binary Analysis Framework to Recover CFGs and Function Boundaries (paper)
LLVM devmtg 2016 a QEMU- and LLVM-based static binary analysis framework (video and slides)
CASES 2016
A jump-target identification method for multi-architecture static binary translation (paper and presentation)


High-level doc
A set of documents and examples documenting the project, how to use it and its internals.
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