File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 codegenerator.cppThis file handles the whole translation process from the input assembly to LLVM IR
 collectcfg.cppImplementation of the pass to collect the CFG in a readable format
 collectfunctionboundaries.cppImplementation of the pass to collect the function boundaries
 collectnoreturn.cppImplementation of the pass to collect the list of noreturn basic blocks
 debughelper.cppThis file handles debugging information generation
 dump.cppStandalone program to extract various information from the LLVM IR generated by revamb
 functioncallidentification.cppImplementation of the FunctionCallIdentification pass, which identifies function calls
 generatedcodebasicinfo.cppImplements the GeneratedCodeBasicInfo pass which provides basic information about the translated code (e.g., which CSV is the PC)
 instructiontranslator.cppThis file implements the logic to translate a PTC instruction in to LLVM IR
 jumptargetmanager.cppThis file handles the possible jump targets encountered during translation and the creation and management of the respective BasicBlock
 main.cppThis file takes care of handling command-line parameters and loading the appropriate flavour of libtinycode-*.so
 ptcdump.cppThis file handles dumping PTC to text
 reachingdefinitions.cppImplementation of the ReachingDefinitionsPass
 set.cppSimple Expression Tracker pass implementation This file is composed by three main parts: the OperationsStack implementation, the SET algorithm and the SET pass
 variablemanager.cppThis file handles the creation and management of global variables, i.e. mainly parts of the CPU state