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 CGraphTraits< SubGraph< InnerNodeType > >Specialization of GraphTraits for SubGraph
 Chash< MemoryInstruction >
 CArchitectureBasic information about an input/output architecture
 CBasicBlockVisitorClass to iterate over all the BBs associated to a translated PC
 CBinaryFileBinaryFile describes an input image file in a semi-architecture independent way
 CBinaryTermTerm representing a binary operation
 CBlackListTraitTrait to wrap an object of type C that can act as a blacklist for B
 CBlackListTrait< C, C >
 CBlackListTrait< const GeneratedCodeBasicInfo &, llvm::BasicBlock * >
 CBlackListTrait< const JumpTargetManager &, llvm::BasicBlock * >
 CBlackListTrait< const std::set< B > &, B >
 CCodeGeneratorTranslator from binary code to LLVM IR
 CCorrectCPUStateUsagePassLLVM pass to change all the access to the CPU state to the corresponding global variables
 CDebugAnnotationWriterAssemblyAnnotationWriter decorating the output withe debug information
 CDebugHelperHandle printing the IR in textual form, possibly with debug information
 CEndianess< T, llvm::object::ELF32BE >
 CEndianess< T, llvm::object::ELF32LE >
 CEndianess< T, llvm::object::ELF64BE >
 CEndianess< T, llvm::object::ELF64LE >
 CFakeSwitchSupport class for easily adding edges on the CFG using switch instructions
 Cfunction_traits< ReturnType(ClassType::*)(Args...) const >
 CFunctionCallIdentificationIdentify function call instructions
 CGeneratedCodeBasicInfoPass to collect basic information about the generated code
 CInstructionTranslatorExpands a PTC instruction to LLVM IR
 CMemoryAccessRepresents an access to the CPU state or the memory
 COperationsStackStack to keep track of the operations generating a specific value
 CComparisonOperandPossible values that an operand in a comparison can assume
 COSRAPassDFA to represent values as a + b * x, with c < x < d
 CBoundedValueRepresent an SSA value within a (negated) range and its signedness
 COSRAn OSR represents an expression a + b * x, x being a BoundedValue
 CPointerA pair on steroids to wrap a value or a pointer to a value
 CQueueImplQueue where an element cannot be re-inserted if it's already in the queue
 CQuickMetadataHelper class to easily create and use LLVM metadata
 CReacherState of a definition reaching a load while being processed by OSRAPass::pathSensitiveMerge
 CScopedDebugFeatureEnables a debug feature and disables it when goes out of scope
 CSegmentInfoSimple data structure to describe an ELF segment
 CSETSimple Expression Tracker implementation
 CJumpInfoInformation about the possible destination of a jump instruction
 CSimplifyComparisonsPassLook for sophisticated comparisons that can be simplified This pass looks for comparisons checkin for the sign of a value, and, if possible, tries to build the boolean expression used to compute that value. If all the expression depends only on the operands of a subtraction operation, the table of truth of that boolean expressions is built, and is matched against a known list. In case it corresponds to a known expression, it is replaced with associated, simpler comparison. This is particularly useful on ARM
 CSubGraphData structure implementing a subgraph of an object providing GraphTraits
 CNodeA node of the subgraph
 CSymbolInfoSimple data structure to describe a symbol in an image format independent way
 CTermBase class for all the types of terms of a boolean expression
 CTermUseSimple data structure associating a Term to a BinaryTerm operand
 CTranslateDirectBranchesPassTransform constant writes to the PC in jumps
 CUniquedStackStack where an element cannot be re-inserted in it's already in the stack
 CVariableManagerMaintain the list of variables required by PTC
 CVariableTermA free-operand term (a variable) It has to be associated to the index of the variable