Do you do reverse engineering for a living? Have you ever wasted several weeks reversing an open source library embedded in a target? Do you crave for better tools than copy-pasting random strings into Google?


Well, read anyway.

-- babush

Today we are proud of showing the world the first prototype of Big Match, our tool to find open-source libraries in binaries only using their strings. How does it work? Read this post to find out, or head to our demo website to try it out.

Spoiler: we are analyzing all the repositories on GitHub and building a search engine on top of that data.

In this blog post we will briefly describe today's release, provide an overview of the components of and introduce you the next steps the project intends to take towards the 1.0 release.

We are inviting small groups of people to get access to nightly builds. If you already registered, be patient and monitor our Twitter account. Otherwise, register now.

Nightly builds release

Today, we start releasing nightly builds of all the components including revng (binary lifter and translator), revng-c (the decompiler) and cold-revng (the user interface). is an ambitious project which took the long route in several aspects. We think this will prove to be a winning strategy to build an innovative product.

We're now starting to see the end of the tunnel that leads us to become a mature tool for binary analysis, but we're not there yet. Nightly builds are our way to invite you to join us along the last mile of the journey.

What to expect can currently handle binaries compiled for Linux targeting x86-64, i386, ARM, AArch64, MIPS and SystemZ. Here's a few things you can do with the current release.

1. Try out the UI using test files

The package we distribute includes a set of pre-lifted files. You can open them in the UI right away.

./revng ui $EXAMPLES/calc.bc

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